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Paterson Pumps can design, supply and install welded poly pipeline for water dispersion in the farming, agricultural and commercial industries. Pipelines can reduce evaporation, water loss and labour costs while increasing the overall efficiencies in pumping and water operations.

  • Poly pipe lines - all your irrigation, stock & domestic and wastewater needs.
  • Butt welded aids to eliminate potential leaks at joints. Pressure rating up to pn 20 200m/ts/ 2000kpa/290psi
  • Supply of polyethylene pipe & fittings
  • Metric & rural poly pipe & fittings
  • Dam site - design & construction
  • Pontoons & floating pumps
  • Pump delivery
  • Re-use systems
  • Lock over bay outlets/slide outlets
  • Stock & domestic systems
  • Pipe & riser systems