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Squid Aerator PDF Print E-mail

Australia's premier designer of "SQUID Aerators"

Paterson Pumps are currently developing and testing an efficient aerator. This aerator will induce air below the epilimnion layer at a very high diffusion rate. Also being projected horizontally, this will give the operator better control of their circulation pattern.

Current tests are showing that bubbles are immersed for a considerable time period due to the horizontal velocity vector. Oxygen is distributed throughout the area by the controlled, induced circulation that the axial flow design allows.

Squid Features:

  • Fewer Mooring Points
  • Minimum Wearing Parts - only one bearing in body
  • Small Carbon Footprint
  • Highly Efficient Stainless Impeller
  • 304 Stainless Body, Shaft & Frame
  • Fine Bubble Depth Aeration
  • High Oxygen Utilization
  • Intensive Mixing & High Performance Circulation