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Site Inspection, Service, Maintenance, Reworks.

Paterson Pumps are not only engineers but are PUMP engineers, understanding all facets of pumping. They believe that all engineered pump will continue to perform at their rated efficiency when a maintenance program is put into place from day one of operation.

Paterson Pump's engineering service is dedicated to providing it's customers with superior service and support. Our trained personnal can carry out a broad range of tasks repairing most types of pumps off or on-site. From mechanical re-powering of pump sites to manufacturing new parts.


In order to operate at maximum efficiency, a pump must be carefully designed for specific operating conditions. While other companies stock certain sizes and designs, Paterson Pumps builds every pump with a specific site or job in mind.

Every design and construction element of your pump is custom tailored to meet the future use. Maximum efficiency and reliability results when all parts work smoothly towards a clearer defined design.

The size and configuration of the pump are determined, by the volume and type of fluid to be moved and dynamic head required. Thickness and type of steel, choice of parts and materials, and assembly methods are also dictated by the nature of the job.

A pump for fresh water use would not require the same corrosion – resistant steel or materials needed by a pump for salty or chemical water. Both pumps however, would receive the same methodical attention and care during construction to guarantee long life and efficient operation.

The type of power supply is determined by the application and customer requirements. Paterson Pumps can incorporate any type of power source desired, including diesel or electric. Paterson Pumps has extensive experience designing drives to combine reliability, economy and minimized maintenance. We design the drive system for belts, gears or direct drive to suit your specific job.